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Our Services

Professional Paper and Electronic Bookkeeping Service

We offer paper bookkeeping as well as electronic bookkeeping.

Financial management requires special expertise. Laws and guidelines are constantly changing. The professional staff of Tilikeskus Isla Ky are committed to their work, well trained and up-to-date ensuring the safe financial management of your company. Our service is tailored to each individual customer.


Accurate accounting of your company's monthly receipts.

Bookkeeping is available in both paper and electronic form.

Bookkeeping reports: Income Statement and Balance Sheet.

We prepare the accounts in the manner required and prescribed by law.

VAT Calculation

Calculation and declaration of VAT to the tax office.

Notifications and inquiries to the authorities


Financial Statements

Preparation of Financial Statements.

Interim Financial Reporting, if applicable.

Export of accounting material and financial statements to an auditor (applicable to limited companies with an auditor)

Tax and Dividend Calculations

Tax Returns

After the financial statements, we file tax returns on behalf of our clients for all types of companies.



Employee and management payroll.

Monthly employer contributions.

Notifications and inquiries to the authorities.

Payment information for social security and withholding payments to the customer.

Payment information for Employee Pension Insurance to the customer.


Other Services

Preparation of minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors and the General Meeting.


Financial advisory and consultancy services.

Mergers and Acquisitions.

Tax planning and appeal.

Changes to the Trade Register (Kaupparekisteri)


We have received wonderful feedback and references from our customers.

If you're looking for a new bookkeeper, please read some of our customer's recommendations by clicking the "Read More" link below.

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