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About Us

Tilikeskus Isla Ky

Tilikeskus Isla Ky is a professional bookkeeping and financial management company, providing accurate and efficient bookkeeping, financial reporting, tax reports, payroll services and consultation on corporate matters to small and medium-sized businesses.

Our office is located in Hollola, close to Lahti. We provide services to companies from all over Finland.

We provide bookkeeping services to all types of small and medium sized businesses from hairdressers and beauty salons to builders, shops, drivers and music businesses.

Our bookkeeper offers bookkeeping services in Finnish and in English and are also able to handle receipts and documents in Swedish, German, Spanish and French.

As bookkeeping is the foundation of a company's financial management, we customise our services to the needs of your company. We will calculate VAT, produce monthly and periodic reports, prepare financial statements and tax returns, prepare monthly income statements and balance sheets, advise on profit distribution and prepare board meeting minutes for you. 


We offer traditional paper bookkeeping as well as electronic bookkeeping, payroll, financial and tax reporting and other services with confidence. All work is billed at hourly rates. The minimum charge is one hour. We do not charge any fixed monthly fee in addition to our hourly rates. When choosing electronic bookkeeping, there will be a software fee. The amount of this fee will depend on what additional features the company chooses. These additional services are optional.

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