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Offer for New Customers!

At the moment Tilikeskus Isla Ky has a special offer for new customers.

We offer 15 euros discount for each hour of bookkeeping,

financial statements and consultation/advisory services for the first

3 months from signing the contract

This means that the rate for bookkeeping is 35 euros/hour (normal 50 euros/hour after 3 months). This is 30% discount from the normal rates.

In addition we do not charge any fees at the beginning for new customer like in many other bookkeeping offices. At many bookkeeping businesses this is around 200 euros.

This same 15 euros discount for hour of our services also applies to financial statements, which are done within 3 months. This means that the rate for financial statements would be 55 euros/hour (normal 70 euros/hour after 3 months).

Value Added Tax at 24% will be added to all rates.

The offer does not apply to other services not mentioned here. If you'd like to take advantage of this offer, please contact us latest 30.11.2020.

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